Getting to Know Digital Ink Block Art

Getting to Know Digital Ink Block Art

For those of you who have a hobby in painting or drawing, then of course you are already familiar with various kinds of drawing techniques. One technique that is often used is the block technique.

By using this technique, you will be able to create unique works that have black and white nuances like a silhouette. Not only facial silhouettes, you can also draw other objects such as animals and objects using this technique. To find out more about what the block technique in painting is, we will briefly review it below.

What is Block Technique in Painting?


Block technique is a way of painting or drawing an object that is closed using one color. So here the final result that can be obtained is that the object drawn will look like a shadow or silhouette. That’s why here you will more often see white or black in the image area. For example, pictures of objects or living things.

To be able to create images using the block technique, of course, you need skills in drawing on the theme of the object. For example, here you will draw a person who is on the top of a hill or on the beach at dusk, so of course you have to add a silhouette which will make the painting look more artistic.

Another example here you can paint or draw using a horror theme. So that later the horror impression is much more pronounced, then you need to add a few dark shadows or silhouettes at several points of the object.

An example of the easiest object is a silhouette image of a face. This type of image is indeed the most popular, especially among millennials today. Drawing techniques using the block method are divided into two types, namely negative silhouettes and positive silhouettes.

For a positive silhouette, it is much easier to apply. Because later here you only need to give the desired color or block to the image. If you have to pay attention in more detail, the object of the image that is blocked using black ink will appear as if it is in the distance. But even so it will give a quite different impression in the final touch.

Unlike the negative silhouette, the method is quite the same as the positive silhouette. But the difference is that later you need to block the area around the image. Generally, this type of silhouette is called a shadow technique or shadow.

There are various considerations in drawing using the block technique. But the most common reason is because of the simplicity in the image object itself. Using the block technique doesn’t have to make you paint in more detail, which tends to be complicated.

The object of the image that will have to be painted does seem simple and what makes it even more interesting is that you don’t need a long time to produce a painting that looks aesthetically pleasing. The use of a blocking technique that gives the impression of a silhouette produced with one color looks so amazing.

Later you can use a lot of equipment. However, with the development of technology that is increasingly advanced today, it is possible to paint with digital ink block art. The results obtained will certainly be much different and look much more perfect.

In line with the growing era, artists have also begun to explore paintings using the block technique, which is not only limited to black and white, but also the use of bright colors. Mainly here for designers who paint or draw using computer devices or digital ink block art.

One of the Indonesian artists who created an extraordinary artistic breakthrough in the form of digital ink block art, namely Eko Budhi Purwanto. In order to protect the ownership and copyright rights of a work of art, the term auratic painting blockchain is currently known.



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